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I need to make a search bar with a filter by a HubDB column, which I've done with this tutorial. I have a question if there is a way to place a search bar and a submit button to another page and show results as a dropdown list.


Or maybe I could modify the standart hubspot search so it can search by a hubdb field? Right now it has exactly the same functionality that I need except for the field it searches by.

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Hey @novaem 


Thank you for your question, could you please share the URL you are working on? It would be beneficial to the Community will be able to assist you. 


Hey @DanielSanchez @amwilie @Kevin-C could you please advise or share some tips with @novaem


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You can use javascript to send the search query on to the url on submit and then use that query to fill out the results. Something like:


$('form').on('submit', function() {
    var query = $(this).find('input').val();
    window.location.href = "" + query;
{% set filter = "columnName__icontains="~request.query_dict.query|urlencode %} 

{% for row in hubdb_table_rows(<tableId>, filter ) %}
{% endfor %}

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