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Hi all, is it possible to reorder the row listing in an editable HubDB table? A number of applications offer the ability to click on the column title and sort order by ascending or descending (alphabetical or numerical). I have attached a screenshot to show. I have a resource order column that displays the resource in order on the website. As the list grows I may need to reorder the resources on the website.


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Currently I create a new row (at the bottom of the table) and add a number to the resource order. If I want to make this new resource show 3rd on the website I need to change all the numbers in the HubDB to fit this in. I have to scroll up and down the list increasing the numbers of other resources by +1. This would be easier if I could select the resource order column title and choose an option like sort the editable HubDB rows by ascending numbers (like excel).


This would put the rows in the correct order so that they could be easily updated rather than scrolling up and down to find the next number in sequence to update.


I'm hoping that I am just missing something as this functionality should be a standard way to sort a database.


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Sorting and reordering rows is not a functionality within HubDB.  I agree it's a pretty standard database function and it's unfortunate it's not an option.


For now the best way to go about reordering is to export the database to a CSV file, open in an application like Excel, sort there, and then import back into HubDB.

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