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Hub generated .min.js longer than original JS file

Hi everyone,


in order to improve a website's performance score and page speed, I've been trying to clean up a JS file in HubSpot CMS using Google Chrome Dev Tools' Coverage to identify unused code parts.


However, the source file in Coverage (hub generated min.js) contains about 23k lines whereas the original file with the corresponding name only includes around 9.5k lines.

Comparing the two files side by side, they look like completely different files, so sorting out the code this way wouldn't really work anyway.


This only seems to affect the generated JS file, the CSS one doesn't show differences at this scale.


As min.js files are supposed to be shorter by definition, it seems odd that the file instead more than doubled in size / lines.


Anyone got any ideas why / how this happened?


We moved the necessary website parts to a testing environment; the behaviour occurs as well:

(the JS in question is relaunch_javascript.min.js)


The 'original' JS file in our design tools:


Thanks in advance!


Kind regards


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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Hub generated .min.js longer than original JS file

Hi, @StephanieStix.


Thanks for reaching out.


I'm going to work with my support colleague Rick to ensure that your question gets in front of the right internal eyes.


Let's continue to correspond through your open support ticket.

Isaac Takushi

Associate Certification Manager