How to remove duplicate entries without domain or email address?

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I am trying to import .xls and .csv files where there are entries with the same name although different data in the different files.  Upon importation, the entries with the same name appears in different rows because they have different data.  I tried to import five entries in two separate files.  I was able to manually merge the duplicates using the merge function so that one name shows the two different data.  However, manually merging the entries with the same name is not ideal if the files are more than five entries and huge.


I have been told by aHubSpot rep and a frontline salesperson that the only way that HubSpot detects duplicates during importation is by the domain name or email address.  However, these files that I am trying to import have neither, and editting each entry of these files with a domain name or email address before importation would be just as improbable as merging the duplicate entries after importation.


I am wondering if there is a simpler way to do this because one would think that a name does not necessary have to have a domain and/or email address.  For a CRM to presume such a criteria is ostentatious.

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Q: How to remove duplicate entries without domain or email address??


Short A: Manually, as you described.


Longer A:

UPDATE: this post will also help you ...


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If native excel functionality on merging the .xls  files is not working for you (check out steps on finding and removing duplicates or how to filter for unique values), you might want to check out Dedupely for finding and merging duplicates in Hubspot. They have a great functionality to merge duplicates in bulk.  


Hope it helps to save your time.