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How to make dynamic pages multilingual

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Hi guys,


I'm trying to find out the best way to use multi language pages with HubDB and dynamic pages. Since I cannot set the Meta Title and Meta Description per language or through Hubl code, I'm wondering what solution would be best to solve this.



I'm setting up a HubDB for some pages that I'd like to create. These pages are available in two languages (English and Dutch). Each row holds content for both languages.

I can only set one Meta Title field, but I would need two. Same goes for Meta Description.


I could 'solve this' in a couple of ways, but I'd like your advice on this.


Solution 1:

Use a language column in the HubDB and enter each 'page' twice, one in English and one in Dutch. Use the template to only load the items in the language that is used.


Pro: easy fix
Con: extra rows


Solution 2:

Use a separate HubDB per language and use a template for English and a separate template for Dutch.

Pro: also quite easy fix

Con: extra HubDB and extra Template


I searched the forum and help articles on this, but none of the info I found is about multi language dynamic pages.


I would really appreciate any help or some indication to understand which one of my 'solutions' would be smartest.




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Hey @bartvintcent   


I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I am wondering if you were able to resolve this or if you still need assistance on this matter?     


Thank you


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Hi @sharonlicari 

i would like to know the answer of this subject please because i am creating a dynamic multilingual page ,i have the problem of this regard on the url page details translate.

this is my page  and DBimg2.jpgsupport1.PNG

how can you  see the page detail


but when i translate the page at the level route url is translate correctly


but the   translate details page  url is not translate because the page path is unique


how can  i do ?create a HubDB for each language ? what is the best solution?

Thanks in advance.

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I went for Solution 2. Seemed the easiest to implement and maintain for my marketing colleagues. Also this allows for duplicate url paths. Putting in all in 1 HubDB would not allow me to use the same path twice. Since I'm running 2 languages, I would like some of the paths to be the same (except for the language parameter ofcourse).




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Hi @bartvintcent ,

I solved the problem by creating 1 hubDB for each language .then i connect each table table to its dynamic page.

thanks for your replay.

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Hi @bartvintcent 

To risolve this problem i create a translate page of template   just for have a page in 2 language.now i can access to  the master page and using language dropdown menu for change the content setting.but my problem is the page path url is unique .how can Ido?

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