How to integrate a Subscription Update Confirmation (namely, an email) into a Landing page


Hi, everyone! 

I am reaching out to aks whether someone of you had the same challenge as we have now - namely, integrating a Subscription Update Confirmation (here, an email) into a Landing page. The thing is that we are sharing a single parenting HubSpot account among several daughter companies. Thus, when it comes to subscription pages, we all use the same ones. However, we would like to create separate ones (with our logo and styling) without messing up those of the parenting company.

The idea is now to build separate landing pages and integrate a"Subscription Update Confirmation" module in them. 

Does anyone of you know how to technically do that?


Any ideas/suggestions/knowledge sharing is highly appreciated!


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Hi @diana_yakimchuk,

I want to tag in some subject matter experts to get their advice. @Anton@Kim_HM@DanielSanchez do you have any advice for @diana_yakimchuk?


Thank you,

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Hi @diana_yakimchuk,

as I'm currently in the same situation - there is currently no "easy" way to achieve this. 

(If somebody knows a better soultion please post it)

The only things I've found so far are:

- if you have an HubSpot enterprise Account(if you have multiple so called brand domains I assume that you're on enterprise) you can look here

- if you don't have HubSpot enterprise you'll do some coding - example and explanation here


hope this helps, 






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Hi @diana_yakimchuk ,


As I understand your question, you can create 1 landing page for each child company, using different forms and different campaigns.


It is also possible to create a new property field as a dropdown with all companies, and include it as hidden and auto marked, each landing page will have a different value, referring to the corresponding company. This option can help you to filter the lists for workflows, tasks, emails etc ...


Hope this helps.


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