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How to include a custom React component on my Hubspot page

Hi everyone.

Although I am using Hubspot, I have my website hosted separately from it. I have a header/menu at the top that I built in React. 


We are now using Hubspot for the blog portion of the site (at a subdomain) and are trying to work with the Hubspot CMS. 


Anyway, we want to use that same header (built in React) from our website but in Hubspot. 


So for my question: Is there a simple way to include a custom React component in the header template of my blog? I've tried connecting it as a custom module, but for some reason (sort of a separate issue) nothing appears in the header template, even when I don't get an error. 


I'm sure someone has run into this before---trying to render a custom React component in their Hubspot site. If anyone has seen something similar, please let me know!


Thank you.

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How to include a custom React component on my Hubspot page

Hi, @PatOfCle 👋 Thanks for reaching out! Let's invite some of our community members to the converstaion — hey @Anton @alyssamwilie @albertsg, do you have any tips you can share with @PatOfCle?


Thank you very much for taking a look! — Jaycee


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