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How to have videos open in pop-up windows / modal?

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I've got a page that is going to house 3-4 demos product videos. Instead of having these video open in a new window I'd love to have them open in a pop-up window, on the same page. In a perfect world, this window would open proportionally in the center of the page. 


I'm looking to determine what the best way to accomplish this would be? My research seems to be pointing me to using some javascript, but unfortunately I'm not very well versed in javascript at all.


I can definitely handle some html/css but am mostly looking to see if someone can point me in the right direction, or even point to similar case and I can likely take it from there. 


Thanks in advance for any help! 

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Wistia has embed options that might have what you are looking for. This is the only way I'd know how to avoid js.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.51.38 PM.png

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Thanks John. I actually figured out the js portion of this and got the modals working I wanted them to. Unfortunately I'm having some trouble editing changing the background opacity. Check it out the community post I made here if you can help. 



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I would also recommend Wistia, they have a great integration with HubSpot and you can set up the popup feature very easily.


The only problem with popup videos is that usually, Google does not index them in the same way that they do regular embedded videos. Emoticono triste


So if you care about SEO, you should keep videos with regular embedding.

I hope this helps.