How to edit and format header styles to be used across the site


Is it possible to edit the current header styles so that it will make changes across the site, blogs, content, etc. without having to edit each manually? 




Where do we go to edit the current header styles that are being applied?

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Hi @jcurtis,


You should be able to edit the header styles of your site universally by editing the CSS in your stylesheet. This would require the expertise of a developer/designer who knows your template setup and CSS. The CSS code in your stylesheet defines certain classes that affect the header styles for all of your pages, so if you make changes in the stylesheet it should change your header for all pages.


When you refer to styles, are you referring to changing colors, font sizes etc? If so, your stylesheet is the place to make those changes. Your stylesheet is located under Content > Design Manager > Coded Files > Page and the extension of the file will be .css.


If you are not comfortable editing the CSS on your stylesheet, then I encourage you to work with a designer. You can work with one of our HubSpot Partners who specialize in design on the HubSpot COS:






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Thank you for the answer. That was very helpful. I must admit it takes a little bit of skill. I checked to see if the size would fit before I changed it in the css-file.font size.PNGsite before changing the font size in the css-file.