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How to edit Quote stylesheet?

We are using the new Quotes with the modules. I'd like to do two things... rearrange the modules and edit the style of certain modules.


When I click on Edit CMS Template it takes me to the Design Manager but tells me "this file is within a Hubspot theme" and to make a child theme. I'm familiar with child themes in Wordpress but not Hubspot and when I choose to do it, it doesn't seem to change the template or connect anything so my actual quote template is connected to the new files.

If I can't rearrange modules, I'd at least like to be able to edit the stylesheet. I've tried adding the correct code to my usual Hubspot stylesheet but it doesn't change the quote. Is there somewhere else that needs to happen?

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How to edit Quote stylesheet?

Hello. Did you manually fetch and upload a custom quotes theme following the directions outlined here?

If you do this, you will have a theme folder with templates you can clone and rename to edit the styles. You would then create a quote template referencing this theme file. I would recommend this route instead of creating a child theme.


The order of modules would happen at the code template level similar to a coded email or blog post template. You would reference the modules like this. 

  <div class="container esign">
    {% module "signature" path="@hubspot/quote_signature" %}

  <div class="container payment">
    {% module "payment" path="@hubspot/quote_payment" heading_tag="h2" %}
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How to edit Quote stylesheet?

Hi, @BluePixelDesign 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Let's see if we can get the conversation going. Hey, @BootstrapC @assi, do you have any Custom Quote Template wisdom or tips you can share with @BluePixelDesign?


Thank you very much! — Jaycee


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