How to create custom template (with html) on design tool

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Hello, i would like to improve my maintenance into my emails and create some templates with content that is common between them.


There's any way to create those and create a email like this:

{{ custom_tempalte_header }}


{{ custom_template_footer }}

Thank you !

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Hi @renanmiyata 


Yes, u can create modules to use how header and footer in email.


In Design Manage, you can create one template of email (file > new file in), and select email template option in nexts steps.


After created the template, you can use your modules created in this template. If you dont know how create modules in HubL, have one certification course of HubSpot, look:


This course is really good and if you ahve basic knowledge in CSS and HTML, will lear how create custom módules in HubSpot.


Any questions, it will be a pleasure to help.


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