How to change the stylesheet for blog to display title instead of tags/categories

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I am very new to hubspot and need help editing a template I downloaded from the marketplace. 


Here's what I'd like to edit. Currently the style sheet makes it so the blog title does not display but the tag/category does (see arrow 1: red box). I'd like to display the title there and move the tag down to arrow 2. For someone who has no coding background , I can't figure out where on the sheet it lets me add the title? 


Here's the link the the template I downloaded. 


blog categories.png


THank you! 

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Hi Steffanie,


U need edit listing template and search for this area.


The code of topic should be similar to the area marked in this print:


For your need, you need to copy this topic list code into your template and place it where you want it to appear. However, it is important to have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to know where to insert and make the necessary adjustments.


Hope this helps.