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How to apply CSS to Advanced Menu Module?

Hello everyone,


Could someone please help me understand if it is possible to override/edit the default Advance Menu styles so that we can apply our own CSS?

We have a functioning menu and CSS in static form running on Hubspot but would like to use the Advanced Menu element, ie. in laymans terms, make a static menu > dynamic.


I'm not a HubSpot developer per se, so any tips on how to implement this would be grately appreciated.

For now we have the CSS and a static menu, but we'd like to 'connect it' to the HubSpot Advanced Navigation module.


(Our menu is multi-level).

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How to apply CSS to Advanced Menu Module?

Hi Ryan, 


Typically what you would do in this case is add the Menu module to your header and apply a custom-menu-primary class:




HubSpot's boilerplate CSS already includes all the CSS selectors you'll need for the custom-menu-primary class under the "MAIN NAVIGATION" section so that you can update the styling accordingly: 




I hope that helps!

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