How to QA a full site in still in draft mode




One of the most frustrating things my client has complained about is beign able to QA a site in draft mode with active links instead of preview links which will have to be changed before launch. Do preview links that are added to pages know to resolve and lose the preview url string when the site goes live? Example, we want to click on menu links and they don't show when linked to draft page. This is a bit of a pain as we don't want to publish the site before everything is QAed.

Also, labels need some additions.

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Hi @darivers 
Look here 
HubSpot’s Content Staging
Use these Features, it helps for sure.

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Not sure if my reply was received but..

Thanks for the resources. Is there a way to stage existing draft pages? From the documentation, it looks like I can only stage clones of existing live pages or create new pages to stage. Maybe, I'm not seeing things correctly because none of my draft pages show up when I select the domain of the pages I want to stage. 
Any further suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hi @darivers ,

I am sharing short video link here, how to add url in draft to access next page

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the loom. But then we'll need to go in and update all of those links. 

Our solutions was to briefly all of our webpages live so I could make cloned pages in staging were we could set the links to the pages which should resolve once the site goes live. When we go live, we don't really want to have to go through the process and rush update all of those links again.


Thanks again for the effort.