How do you extend the CoS functionality similar to WordPress plugins?

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We've been developing sites on WordPress for years and have become accustomed to a wide range of both free and paid plugins to extend functionality. How do developers do the same with the HubSpot Cos?


Is there a marketplace anywhere where people sell the equivalent of plugins (obviously installed differently)? Or do we just have to hire programmers any time we want something beyond what the CoS offers?

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Hi @lloydsilver,


At this time HubSpot does not offer anything equivalent to Wordpress plugins. Extended functionalities beyond what the COS offers can be custom coded in HubL/Custom HTML modules, but as you mentioned this would require the expertise of a developer.


We do have a HubSpot Marketplace but here you can only purchase entire templates and not just extended features/modules. Our HubSpot Partners can absolutely help you develop custom solutions on the COS, though. 


Do you have any examples of features/functionality that you would like to see in the HubSpot COS that currently available as Wordpress plugins?