How can I enter data submitted into a form to hubdb?

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I am trying to create a (business case) calculator. I have already created the questions, but how can I get the answers into hubdb? (and also the other way around, how can I populate hubspot fields with data from hubdb?)
The idea is that each user writes in their own values, and at the end receives an extensive report of the results.


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@ParkerShort I've seen you share / start some insightful discussions r.e. HubDB on


Do you have any knowledge to share with @LauraMauersberg r.e. how end users can populate data for a HubDB page? Thanks in advance for your insight!


P.S. you probably saw this message twice from two different users, that was an admin mistake on my part. Apologies!

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Although this isn't a direct answer to your question, perhaps you can try out this tutorial:


To get used to HUBDB ? 🙂