How can Hubspot Track and count Image/custom module accordion views on a page on our website?


Hello, I'd like to know HubSpot's thoughts on how we can go about tracking and counting Image/widget views on a page on our website?


We have a "Product Features" page that contains 5 custom module Accordion widgets (1 custom module per feature). We would like to track the number of times that each section/feature is opened by a user in Hubspot.


Is there a way to do that? What are best practices / recommendations to achieve this? 






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Hi there!


There are two ways that I can think of that you can accomplish this: 


  • CTAs: you can always create these without styling so that you can style them on your site to look like the accordion links do now.
  • Events: on the Enterprise version you can track clicks on a link using Events.


I hope that helps! 

Stephanie O'Gay Garcia
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