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Hi there, 
I have futura as a font that is used on my original website.
However, when I change what the text says in the global group "edit options", the original font is not retained and reverts to a standard font. 
Please advise what to do. 

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Hey @jotires if you have not done so already, you will need to import your custom font to HubSpot. 


Check out this knowledge article on how to acheive this: How do I implement a custom font on HubSpot?

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The font is working on your site, but when you change text in a global module that specific text does not keep that font?


If the font is working on your site then the font itself is set up correctly. 


Are you adding/changing text in a richtext module inside your global group? If so you chould check the html for the richtext module for any styles auto-added by the module. Click on the "<>" icon in the rich text tool bar. Scan the html for something like style="font-family: blahblahfont". it will be inline styling.