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Hosting React App

I am trying to figure out how best to port an existing react app to be hosted on Hubspot CMS.  I found the Hubspot React App template project and am able to upload files to Hubspot Design Manager, but it comes with some sizeable limitations.


It appears that the template React project combines all the js/css into one file that the module loads.  Since the React app already uses modules, this seems like a big step backwards that will hurt loading times.  Additionally, it seems that the modules needs to specify the js/css files in the module.html as a static reference.  React specifically hashes files so the browser doesn't cache and old file for a new build, but this also seems to be lost with the design.


Is there any way I can literally just host relative static files?  Has anyone tried the same thing in the past?

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Hosting React App

Hey, @BBauman 👋 Check out this document for information on what's possible — How to use JavaScript frameworks and libraries on HubSpot. Including this section on using React.


Have fun building! — Jaycee


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