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Hoping for an email module for pulled quotes/testimonials

Hello all!


My organization sends out quarterly email newsletters. I'd love to start including a pulled quote/testimonial in each newsletter. My thinking is to create a module for this design that would stylistically separate the pulled quote/testimonial from the rest of the content. Has anyone created something like this?



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Community Manager

Hoping for an email module for pulled quotes/testimonials

Hi, @Mandelyn 👋 Thanks for your question. We'll leave this open in case our community has any feedback.


From my experience, you have a couple of options:

  • DIY — Attempt to create a custom module yourself. In this case, there isn't a specific example I can provide. You'll need to experiment and see where you get stuck (or find success 😊). 
  • Work with a developer —Working with a HubSpot partner or solutions provider might be the way to go. They'll have direct experience with custom work like you are describing. 

If you choose the DIY approach, please share what you've built along with roadblocks you may experience. The community may be able to assist with specific questions as you build things about. 


Have fun building! — Jaycee 


Jaycee Lewis

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