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Help with Multi-Language Module for HubSpot Blogs


We have just introduced our new blog and we are now trying to find out the best solution to approach our multi-language business. 

We found this article but we still have a few questions we need help with before moving forward


  1. Can we define the languages we want to use? Or are these pre-defined? For our bog to work we would need EN (US) and EN (UK) to get started
  2. Does the blog support arabic?
  3. Can we define the subdirectories links? For example, , 
  4. Does the blog homepage have the same layout for each subdirectory? 
  5. Does the switcher work based on geolocation? For example, if someone in the US finds a blog, the user will be redirected to the US blog rather than the UK one?
  6. Do we always need to have a blog on the main blog before translating it to another language? For example, the main blog will be US, but we want an article solely for the secondary UK blog or arabic blog, can we do this?

Thanks for the help

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Help with Multi-Language Module for HubSpot Blogs

Hi @SilvanaPSI,


I'd suggest first watching this tutorial: It's about 20 minutes long and it was made by one of our employees: @jackcoldrick, to show off how that language switching module works. He does a really excellent job of showcasing this module and how to build it out. You could also build out the module and then play around with the functionality to see if it will support what you need. It's been a while since I've used the module myself, but going over it again, I'll see if I can answer your questions below.


  1. Take a look at 4.1 in that article. These are the language choices that you're defining. So yes, you'd be able to set this yourself.
  2. You'd be able to add that in yourself, so yes. You'd just have an Arabic blog, whose URLs you then link through the module.
  3. Yes, those are just the URLs for the various blogs.
  4. These are technically different blogs. You could use the same template or different ones.
  5. This module does not support redirects based on geolocation, although I'm sure that's functionality you could add in.
  6. I think this should be fine. Although the US translation link for those pages won't work.


I hope this helps. And let me know if you have any questions.


Leland Scanlan

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HubSpot Employee

Help with Multi-Language Module for HubSpot Blogs

Hi all! Do note that the steps mentioned in the above thread would be on how to build out the language switcher module. 

If you would like to instead simply add a language variation to an existing page in your portal, do follow the steps in this Knowledge Base article instead: