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Help Me! where can I find Source code of all Pages?

Where can I see the code of my landing pages completely? I just want to create a page as old-fashioned HTML coding. How is it possible?

I tried designer tools where I can find only modules and some default templates. I already created a page using CMS hubspot. I want its hard code. 

At the same time, I have some pages.How to upload them and direct them into exactly to our site

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Guide | Diamond Partner

Help Me! where can I find Source code of all Pages?

Hi @PrasadKD ,

Please login with your account and open your landing page. You will get one Toggle on the right top corner

You can also check from the template advance settings.

Hope this helps!
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Help Me! where can I find Source code of all Pages?

Hi @PrasadKD, you have two ways to access your code:


  1. Go to your Hubspot account, click on the Marketing tab, select Files and Templates and click on Design Tools. There you should see your HTML files together with other type of elements like modules.
  2. Open your landing page (Marketing --> Landing pages), go to the Settings tab, scroll down to Advanced Options and you will see the Template option that will allow you to Edit this template, which will open a new tab with your HTML (+HubL) file.


To create new pages, you can use the Design Manager (option 1) and create new HTML files there. But I recommend you using Local Development, you can learn more about it in the following link: 

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Help Me! where can I find Source code of all Pages?

Option 2 does not work because (surprise!!!) editing templates does not reflect on existing pages: So there is no way to edit page structure as hubl, only the visual thing. That's really annoying.