Has anyone added a Faceted Search feature in their site?

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I found a blog article (https://blog.hubspot.com/service/what-customers-want ) that talks about adding the faceted search function for customer satisfaction but have not been able to locate any instructions or guidance on how to to this.

This is a link to the example shown in the article (https://www.foxcroftcollection.com/) Scroll down to 4. Optimize user experience for the reference to faceted search. 

I'm assuming that it was created on the Hubspot platform because it's in blog.hubspot.com but maybe I shouldn't assume. :-)

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi @JulieR_1,


While that website isn't hosted by HubSpot, this is a great question! Are you looking to rebuild your website to be optimized in mobile, or are you just looking to add a search functionality within your website? 


Can you share a link to your website now? 


The more details, screenshots and links you can provide the better the Community can assist.



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Hi Jenny,

I rebuilt the website last year to be mobile optimized and include the marketing automation features offered by Hubspot. The next phase of design will include the faceted search function. We're a B2B company and don't sell online at this point but have 5 product lines with thousands of configurations/sku's and want to offer an easier way for our customers to find the product(s) they need.

Our website is www.duffnorton.com.

This link is to a site using the Faceted Navigation/Search feature.  https://www.thomsonlinear.com/en/products/precision-linear-actuators-products

There are many vendors that can provide this funtion but I would like to use Hubspot's database and developer tools to build our own. So, if there is anyone in the Hubspot community that has done this I would love to hear from them.