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Hi there, 


I am new to hubspot, I want to integrate a hamburger menu to my website, something like - but i dont want to use this code, i prefer using something that is Hubspot compatible. 


Is there a hubl snippet or a module or something I can use? i cant seem to find anything. 


I dont have knowledge in JS, Im more of designer, html/css kinda of guy, but i can manage some small code. 



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Hi @peterifranco,


I think there are a few tutorials out there on using a mobile menu. But I'd also add that the plugin you linked to is Hubspot compatible. It looks like a matter of just including the HTML and JS correctly. But as for some existing examples, there's an article on our designers site here:, which describes how to create a mobile menu. You could also take a look through our Code Gallery here: A few entries come up when I search for "menu". I haven't used those specifically, but they should explain how to implement to the functionality.


If you get stuck on anything while implementing, feel free to post back here and we can take a look.


Leland Scanlan

HubSpot Developer Support