HUBL user name and email variable?

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I need the current users email and name to be passed on so that I can load a third part forum software(in an iframe) and so that the user doesn't have to login/register again.


what I am looking for is a HUBL variable that allows me to do the following:


<iframe src="{{hub_id}}&email={{currentUserEmail}}&name={{currentUserName}}" />


The page that I will put this custom code in will be only available on login.


where can I find documentation on what's available in the contact and account dicts (doing {{account | pprint}} doesn't help).


I tried the variables {{}} {{}} but no luck

is there a way to get the above required variables?  


or if that is not possible, is there a way for a third party software to know if the user is logged in and fetch the necessary details (id, name and email) for that user?

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Hey @evnix     


I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.


I am wondering if you were able to resolve this or if you still need assistance on this matter?   


Thank you


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