HTML and CSS code of the "Modern" Style Template


Hi there!


We are developing our own template, based on the CCS and HTML from the "Minimal Template".


We are now wondering if it could be possible to get the code from the "Modern Template"...


It is the template that we have been using lately, and we would like to keep our own development similar, basing our edited style without changing it too much from the previous template.


We also got the "Bold Template", but we do not need it.


Many thanks in advance!

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Hey @Aimartinez14 ,

If the "minimal template" theme is a cloned version you should be able to take the css and html from the "modern template" and copy and paste it into your "minimal template" theme. However i'm not sure if the settings in theme settings will transfer over if themes got updated.

Jon Chim
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Hey @jonchim ,

CSS and HTML would be fine if it were only the aesthetics you were after. The problem is you don´t get the template variables that way, which forces you to somewhat rudimentary solutions when trying to get variables such as senders avatar image (available in Modern, as far as I know), or quote creator first and last name. Templates are usful for the variables they hold, not just the aesthetics...

thanks any way