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HS Forms styling (on Landing page)

Hi Guys,


Here is my first landing page link :


And here is what I want to do :

1/ Reduce space between the fields

2/ Reduce space between the error message and previous field. Also make it in red (telling the user he has to fill the fields because it's obligatory).

3/ In my new Property Checkbox, reduce the space between question and the items.


I can't find where I can edit this CSS. I've checked the template files but it's not there 😕




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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

HS Forms styling (on Landing page)

here is the a reference for the form markup.  

you have a style .hero ul that is adding some margin to all.  maybe change what that is targeting?  or this:

all should go in your css file as previously indicated


.input input.invalid.error, ul.inputs-list.multi-container {
    margin-bottom: 5px;
.form ul.hs-error-msgs li{
color: red
.form ul.hs-error-msgs { margin-top: 0px; }


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HS Forms styling (on Landing page)

Hi @RunGraphik,


Your styling would be in the stylesheet associated with the page. You can find what stylesheets are associated with the page by looking under "settings" in the landing page. 


For a starter guide on editing forms, check this out.


I'd recommend posting specific questions in here to ensure you get the most help from the Community. 


Hope that helps!