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Group Selecting Contacts

Can the feature be added to select an entire group of contacts in one column to be moved to another? As of now contacts can only be selected manually one by one which is time consuming.


For example, I would like to take all contacts under Contact Day 1 and move then to Contact Day 2 then Days 3,4, 5, etc. 


My team is only growing and soon there will be hundreds of contacts each day. I don't want to have to move them one by one.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Group Selecting Contacts

Hi, @AJenkins3 👋 Can you tell us more about how, and where, are you doing this selecting? Are you asking about how to build something using HubDB, for example? Or are you asking about doing something in-app? Like updating a property such as lifecycle stage? 


For example, you can bulk select objects in-app and then make edits and updates

bulk select.png


Adding more details will help the community better understand your goal.


Thank you! — Jaycee



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