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Global Header Group Duplicating CTA's

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After making some changes to my website, we realized that the call to action button in the global header group was duplicating. There is only one call to action in this mini-nav group. I have tried deleting the call to action and trying another CTA which didn't fix the problem. I have deleted the mini-nav group and moved the CTA which helped the duplication issue - but then moves my menu bar down and changes the alignment of the white bar over my video. 


I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if you have a solution? hubspot cta duplication 1.JPGImage of the global header on the actual sitehubspot cta duplication 2.JPGDesign - Global Header


hubspot cta duplication 2.JPG


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Hey Kate,


I would recommend trying to clear your browser cache, I found sometimes that's the cause of things like this. If that doesn't work, it'll be hard to diagnose without looking at the actual site. Feel free to email me ashley@ashleyidesign.com

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