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Forms: Secure Login, Save Progress to return, send workflows based on form completion stage

G'day everyone, 


I am new to the community but am looking for some help on executing an idea my team and I had. 


What I want to achieve.

To automate the form completion of a franchisee application by a lead. With two main features of

  1. Not allowing the prospect to see any other applicants
  2. Allowing the prospect to save their form as they go to return later

However, whilst thinking of ways to do this we thought of creating a franchisee “application portal” the portal would allow an approved lead to see the full application process, what stage they are at, and open up any forms required as part of that stage. Of course, this is a bigger project than we initially thought of and it is not an urgent need but would be pretty cool if we could pull it off without using too many resources (time & cash!). Just putting this idea here in case anyone has cool suggestions on how to do this.


Background to current process

For new franchisee leads have require two tests to be completed before their application is passed through to the next stage. Test one is a series of short and long form questions as well as some personal questions regarding their financial ability to purchase a franchise. This information is in a standard form (similar to the type you fill out when applying for a home loan or like this )

The form is in word and we send an email to the lead from hubspot attaching it as a document.  


Current thinking for form submission

Whilst we don’t know how to do this, we are thinking of

  • The lead is sent a hidden webpage
  • Once on the page they are asked to either
    • Use the login we create for them OR BETTER YET
    • Create their own login
  • Leads can save their progress and come back to it (It can take up to 1.5 hours to complete) because we want thoughtful answers.
  • Receive notifications when
    • Form started
    • Form saved (incomplete)
    • Form completed
  • Email workflows to lead when form is unstarted (could be based on lead status, we can change the lead stage to a form unstarted, form started etc)


We'd appreciate any help!





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Forms: Secure Login, Save Progress to return, send workflows based on form completion stage

Hi David,


My first gut reaction to your question is to optimize HubSpot for the very basic information which prepares them for the serious questionaire - which is an application - more than just a form.


Once you have their initial info, you might then use a tool such as:


SurveyMonkey - which integrates with HubSpot. 

Learn more here:


You also mention "two tests" which is more than an application?  Or just a way to describe the vetting process? 

Which has me thinking a tool like might be helpful.


Note - I am not a coder. 🙂 

My hammer will not provide solutions via programming - but instead look for tools already built that we can fit together.  I know there is a danger of building a frankenstein system... so step forward cautiously.


So it is possible a coder/programmer will have a solution you can build that is proprietary.

Or you can start with something simpler like the integrations and as you refine / test the processes, make the coding decisions when ready.




Forms: Secure Login, Save Progress to return, send workflows based on form completion stage

Hey you can create bootstrap login form