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Hi all


I am creating a form that will act as a survey to students that are part way through their programme, it has several radio fields with a 1 to 10 answers (Totally Disagree to Totally agree for example).


Ideally, I would like it to look similar to this example here:




but I have yet to touch on radio markup yet with Hubspot forms. To keep me from stabbing in the dark for the solution, how would I go about setting up a similar style? (Numbers within a circle rather than to the right, Not likely and Very likely on each side).


Thanks for any help you can offer Smiley Happy



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here is a start.  making an assumption that you are using a hubspot form.

the script will need to be in the onFormReady callback.


If you need more assistance with the styling, let me know.  I think i got the hard parts out of the way