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Form fields value transfer to another page.


Is there a way to transform form field value from one page to another (first form redirects to another page with a bigger form)?
Basically, Page#1 has form that has only one field - email. After entering your email and pressing the submit button you are being redirected to Page#2 that has bigger form with - firstName, lastName, email, companyName etc...Is it possible to transfer the value of email entered in Page#1 so that email field in form on Page#2 gets populated after redirection. 
The flow would look like:
1. User enters an email on Page#1 (
2. After that, user clicks submit and is being redirected to another page (Page#2).
3. On Page#2 there is a bigger form with lots of additional fields but email field is already populated with
4. User now enters all the additional info (firstName, lastName...) and submits the form on Page#2.

Hope i was clear enough to understand what the desired effect is.

Kind regards, Milos.

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Form fields value transfer to another page.

@milos_peric  Let me know if the thread posted by @dennisedson is helpful. The current solution works fine for "raw html" forms, i still need to figure out how to make it work for forms that are rendered as iframes.


Long story short: With a little embed code manipulation, you do not actually need separate pages. you just render a new form in the place of the old one. 

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Form fields value transfer to another page.

Hey @milos_peric !

Welcome to the community!  Looks like what you want is a multi step form

@thesnappingdog has done us a favor and gave us this gem


Hope that gets you going in the right direction!