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I am posting this on behalf of a customer, they want to insert a pop-up form that would stick to the bottom of the page, until the footer comes up scrolling down. Just like the default pop-up sticking to the top, they want it to be on the botton with full page width, not in a corner.

They have the Sodium v2 - Sticky Footer Module from the Marketplace and would like the functionality of it with a simple subscription form attached. As you scroll down it sticks to the bottom, and as you scroll to the footer level, it stays above the footer as it belongs there.

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Yes, practically goes about a sign-up form that would be a scrolling bar at the bottom, belonging to the footer, just scrolling already from the top of the page. 


It is a solution for our blog since we already have 2 pop-ups at different places and don't want to overshoot clients with pop-ups and want to give them something more meaningful.