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I have 60+ users that cross 4 regional teams in our HubSpot System.  Is there a way I can "Export" the list of users?   I want to export the names, data sort into regions and then send out to do a regular audit to ensure any staff that have left the business have been removed (i.e. contacts transferred to others) and access denied. 


Yes management could go into the users and look thorugh the 60 names, but I would prefer to be able to just send them a list via email and have them respond that either all are current or which staff need to be removed. 


Aside from typing them all out manually myself which would be painful it wouldbe great to be able to export.  You can tick a box to "select all" but the only options with that is for "Editting permissions" or to "Remove" - an "Export list" button would be ideal! 

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Hello @gaylebrimble,


Thank you for your question.  It isn't currently possible to export your users to a csv file from within Hubspot, but I can certainly see the value in something like that.  I encourage you to head over to the Hubspot Ideas Forum to suggest that the ability to export users to a CSV file be made available in a future product release.  


One very elementary workaround could be to highlight all of the users on that page, can copy and paste the text into a simple text editor.  Pasting in a simple text editor should strip the images, and leave you with the users names, email addresses and permissions.  You could then copy and paste that into excel to make formatting a easier.  This certainly isn't a great workaround, but it might help.


I hope this helps!


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Hi Brett,


Seems a lot of people have submitted this idea with different headings.  Should we still submit another idea?  How is HS aggregating these ideas, upvotes and then creating a plan for resolution?





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This is definitely needed if HubSpot wants to be considered more of an "Enterprise" CRM for midsized companies. I'm getting into clients and portals now that have almost a hundred Users and we are attempting to use the "Team" feature to help segment the portal among multiple brands/operating divisions.


Further, now that there are different kinds of Users licenses (Marketing, Sales, Service, Super Admin etc.) that provide different levels of permissions, I will need to quickly audit and manage which User has which "User Permissions" and are on which "Team" as this impacts what they can see and do in the system. 


Being able to report on and export Users by Team and User License is needed.


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To workaround these HubSpot user limitations, we setup an internal process for also adding HubSpot users as Contacts in the CRM (with restrictions). This permits us to reference them (in the form of filtered views) when communicating internally, and, of course, to export fairly accurate listings.


The extra work and periodic inaccuracies characteristic of this duplication effort tend to be outweighed by the benefits of having them as contacts in the CRM. We also use HubSpot internally to track stats for our HubSpot users -- e.g., engagement with marketing & sales collateral that may impact their work, feedback engagement, etc..


Certainly not perfect and a bit of extra work, but a decent workaround until a better solution comes along.





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Hope that helps.





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I recently had to pull a list of our users for an internal audit and was surprised to see it was not available.  My workaround.


1) Select the user table via your browsers inspect tool (see image below)

2) Copy elements and paste into a txt file.  Save txt file as user.txt (or anything you want)

3) Open Excel and import said txt file (Data > Import from TXT/CVS)

4) Viola!