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Exporting Notes

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Is there a way to export notes/tasks, etc. from Hubspot? I know you can export the column of properties, but can I also extract the notes? Thank you! 



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Q: Exporting Notes

Short A: Not via 'export'.

Longer A: If anyone can do it via the API the guys at Import2 can. And, they'll give you a head's up on any gotcha's BEFORE starting your export/migration.


That being said, clients with fewer than a few thousand contacts typically opt for the workaround -- keep a free version of HubSpot CRM running and link to specific contact records from your new system, so you can still ties old notes to contacts.


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Hope that helps.





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One of the import2 guys here Emoticono feliz

We have recently launched https://wizard.import2.com that allows you to export contacts, companies, deals, emails, tasks, meetings, calls, etc

You can use it for free for files with less than 1,000 rows