Export to Template: Boolean - How to change the icon and the label




I've set an export to template boolean to allow some content to be toggled on/off on a page by page basis.


I am wondering how I can edit the icon used in the content editor - currently it's a "tick" which is quite confusing - as this shows even when it's toggled off.


Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 14.54.38.png


And how I can change the label used, currently it says "value", it would be easier for my client if this said "On" or something like this.


Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 14.54.47.png


I cannot see an example in the documentation about the boolean.


Current Code

{% boolean "form_toggle_bookcall" label='Show Book a Call Tab', value=True, export_to_template_context=true %}


Thank you

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Hey @SD_dev !

Adding @BootstrapC and @amwilie to this for their insights 😺



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@SD_dev You would need to make a clone of the module to be able to change the icon and labels. You can do this in the design manager by finding boolean.module in the @hubspot folder, right clicking, and selecting Clone Module.


Alyssa Wilie

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The icon and value is the default UI of the boolean tag. I would try creating a custom module that contains your boolean. This will give you the control you need. https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/cms/building-blocks/modules/configuration

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