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Hi, i read this article: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/cos-general/can-i-copy-templates-from-one-portal-... I have questions to ask:


1/ What is the portal?


2/ "This function is only available to HubSpot customers who have access to multiple accounts." => what is the HubSpot customers who have access to multiple accounts ?


3/"You will not be able to copy purchased templates from one account to another." => My template is customized from another free templates (change nearly 90%), can i copy it?


4/ When i copy a template to another account, all the javascript and css files are copied too?


5/ Is there any way to access database for the blog?

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HubSpot Employee



1.) I'm not quite sure what you mean for this one. In reference to the article, a portal would be a HubSpot account. So for example you have access to companyA.com with portal ID 111111 and you have access to companyB.com with portal ID of 111112. Each of those would be a different HubSpot portals/account (portal ID can be found in the top right hand corner of the portal that you're in: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/account/where-can-i-find-my-hub-id). 

2.) You would need to be a user in two different portals/accounts to use this feature. For example, in the example above, if you were a member of and had access to both portal ID 111111 and portal ID 1111112, you could use this feature. 

3.) This wouldn't be possible if your template was cloned from a purchased template as the templates from the marketplace are run on a single use license. 

4.) Yes, the files used by that template should come along with it (image files won't come with the template though - the images will just be linked to the original portal). 

5.) Can you give me an example of what you mean when you say the database for the blog? Are you referring to the blog posts?