Embedding custom, dynamic form in HubSpot CMS pages


We are looking into consolidating all our visitor-facing content to HubSpot, that is:


- all landing pages unto HubSpot landing pages

- all “static” content pages as HubSpot CMS Website Pages

- FAQ/Knowledge Base and Support to HubSpot Knowledge Base


One thing I would like to do and where I cannot seem to find any info about whether it’s even possible is embedding our own custom forms into hubspot pages. In our case, it would be the “top of the funnel” for a booking flow (think hotel or vacation rental), and I want it to be dynamic in several ways:


1. list of properties/cities should be dynamic from our database or microservice

2. users can select dates or date ranges which should be limited to a few months in the future

3. depending on where the form is embedded I want to show different states, e.g. on a country-specific landing page I want to show only properties in that country, or on a property-specific landing page I want to pre-fill the property


I’ve been searching and chatting with HS for days and I don’t feel any closer to an answer, much less a solution.


If anyone has any points on *if* this would be possible on CMS Hub, and what concepts I should look at, that would be super helpful.

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Hi @mb_quarters

have you find this thread/post? 
Maybe this might help you:






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Thanks @Anton - it looks like that is talking about the opposite thing, embedding a HubSpot form into a non-HubSpot page. I want to embed a dynamic, non-HubSpot form into a HubSpot CMS page instead.

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You are talking about embedding a NON-hubspot form into hubspot? That wouldn't be a question for hubspot... how/where would you be creating the form?

When there are capabilities that are easier with wordpress, we have created subdomains and handled it on that platform instead. 


It doesn't need to be a non-HubSpot form if the same can be done with a HubSpot form, but non-HS forms appeared to offer more flexibility: We would create the form as, basically, custom HTML. (There would be a generator, but the output would be HTML.)


Although ideally the form would be embedded/populated dynamically - either through an iframe (not ideal) or via one of the serverless mechanisms of HubSpot (where a backend service on our side would take care of keeping the necessary information in sync). In that latter case, it could also be a HubSpot form - as long as I can make it dynamic.


I saw one example in the HubSpot docs somewhere of an event booking where serverless + HubDB were used to keep track of available spots. I think that might be a direction that would work for us as well, but I could not find any end-to-end example of such a dynamic form.