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Embebed a chatbot created in bootkit

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Hi Everybody


I would like to add in my webpage a chatbot that was created in bootkit, I have add the code of this but it is not working...... I show you the steps that I follow for to add this chatbot:

This the code for chatbot:


<div id="embedded_messenger">
<header id="message_header" onclick="Botkit.toggle()"><img src="clau.png" id="botImg" alt="Clau">Clau</header>
<iframe id="botkit_client" src="//"></iframe>


<script src="//"></script>

var options = {}; // for options, see: https://github.com/howdyai/botkit-starter-web/blob/master/docs/botkit_web_client.md#botkitbootuser

<link rel="stylesheet" href="//" />


In my template I add the <div> in a module of HTML:

ChatBot div_plantilla_1.PNGChatBot div_plantilla_2.PNG


and the script and css I add in additional marker of <head>:

ChatBot script_plantilla_1.PNG


ChatBot script_plantilla_2.PNG

But this is not working its looks in this form:


I add the link of my page: 



Will it be that hubspot does not recognize bootkit and therefore is not reflecting correctly or that it might not catch the code of the chatbot?


I remain to your comments.

Thanks and Regards.

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My suggestion is to build this as a custom module, and pulling in the CSS/JS in the module itself. That'll help narrow down the issue. I didn't see that it was loaded on the page you linked to.