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We want to be able to send out monthly and weekly newsletters in which we can specify which posts show on each.

At hubspot support we were told that it might be a manual process that would include higher level coding than what they're are able to help.

The blog RSS feed merely pulls the most recent posts into the email and sends it out that way. Is there a way or code to send automatic emails with specific posts from specific tags?


Also, none of the email templates that we found on Marketplace allow us to make a user-friendly emails because of the one display of the automatic posts. We're not able to change it so no matter the email template, the post section always looks the same, is there a way to make it look different?


Our level of conding is basic.


Thank you.


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Hi @catarinac-app 


I'm afraid that I don't know of any way to do this currently. 


HubSpot's blog digest tool lets you automatically digest out all of the most recent posts from a blog on a weekly or monthly (daily and instant are also options) schedule. But you can not create multiple digests per blog or filter the posts in a digest by topic or anything like that. 


The RSS feed lets you achieve basically the same thing but has less intelligence and would be best used for content not hosted in HubSpot's blogging tool.


Email sending functionality doesn't appear to exposed via the API at all, so I don't think this can be achieved that way either. 


The easiest way probably, without a huge amount of (potentially fruitless) coding would be to manually create/curate your newsletter with exactly the content you want in it, and send it manually on your preferred cycle. 


As for the post layout in the email, that needs to be setup in CSS at the email template level, whichever approach you take, and I would recommend you engage with an email-savvy developer to make sure that works across devices. Ping me if you have trouble finding someone. 


Hope this helps.

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