Email shows up in preview but not when generating email


I've been working on an email to generate a blog preview. Right now I'm just templating it, not pulling in an RSS feed. The work seems to be done, and when I select "Preview", everything I've built shows up fine. When I go into Marketing > Emails and try to create an email from the template, it doesn't work. My default text and images don't show up, and the one custom module doesn't display the way it's currently coded. It seems like Hubspot Emails cached an earlier version of the project and won't update in the Emails section. Again, it's showing up perfectly in Preview, but when I try to create an email from it, it's all wrong. Any tips?

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Community Manager

Hi @vivacqua


Are you still experiencing this issue? 


Have you reached out to HubSpot Technical Support regarding this matter? They will be able to advise on the issue specific to your portal, and if something is not working as expected, it will be the most direct way to resolve this issue.


Thank you,

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