Email design breaking in Outlook



I've tried searching for this problem on the Google but coudn't find a proper solution. I've created a simple email template and added my blog's RSS feed. I acheived this by creating a custom module for the RSS feed, I created this custom module because I wanted to style the default CSS.

The email looks good in the most of the clients but in outlook it looks awful. I'd really appreaciate if anyone could help me out!

This is how the email should look in any other email client, it looks perfect.



This is what it looks like Outlook. Everything is breaking apart, Navigation bar links are not in a straight line, Images are way too big, whole conainer area is in full width instead of 600px width.

outlook 2.PNG



outlook (2).PNG

Thank you

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I've run into this before - some templates just do not work with Outlook I've found. I know that's not very helpful but sometimes it's good to test out the template beforehand.