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I'm working on customizing an E-Mail footer. When working on it, I have the module set like I would like in the design manager. 

It looks like this: 

design manager.png











Then, when I drop the module into the template and view it in my E-Mail preview, it looks like this: 



I saw a post relating to a website where it was suggested to check the CSS. From what I can tell, there is no over riding CSS formatting going on. My links work great, I just need them to view properly! Thank you in advance for your help!

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The problem with emails is some CSS is ignored especiaslly on text elements.

Have you attempter to put your layout in a table that will give you the layout you want?




        <td><img src="fb-icon-url.jpg" alt="facebook"></td>

        <td><img src="twitter-icon-url.jpg" alt="twitter"></td>






Most effective CSS in emails is inline in the element from my experience.


Here is a pretty good guide to what works and what doesnt in emails.

Best of luck.

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