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Hi Everyone, 

One of the most tedious parts of my work with forms is copying them for new events that we run, and connecting them to specific contact properties. Each form we use for an event has 600+ lines of code. For each event I have to go into the editor and find/replace/update:

-Event Title (X3)

-Price (x5)

-Contact properties (x25-30)

-Confirmation page URLS (x4)


I'm not sure when the update to the form code editor UI happened, but there are some really challenging features that I'd love addressed. 

1) The search bar within the code editor (command + f) no longer appears in the console. I can see a blue bar along the very bottom edge that I know is the search bar, but I can't see the full thing. I also can't see what I've type into it when searching for key terms or items, even when I click and drag to expand the editing console


Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 3.12.44 PM.png


2) I used to be able to enter a search term, find the next iteration of it, past the new term in, and simply hit enter to quickly navigate to the next iteration. I now have to manually type in the search term each time (this is made more difficult by the fact that I can no longer see the search bar)


I'd appreciate if anyone has any advice, or if this editing console could be upgraded. These problems have turned a somewhat tedious task into a much more difficult one

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Definitely, agree! Not sure why the update was made! It is very frustrating and the blue bar is so hidden you wonder why it even exists.