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Editing Blog Content on HubL/HTML. Used to be able, now I can't.


I've been working as Content/SEO Manager for a long time now, and recently I started learning about Hubspot's CMS configuration and design thanks to its Academy and useful YouTube videos.


Thanks to them, a couple weeks ago I managed to add Read Time to my blogs, which was great! That experience taught me how and what can be done and how with variables and IFs. Great experience.

Today I decided to add some more things to our author links. But I couldn't, and I can't remember if I'm doing this the right way or something went wrong after I changed some things last time, or they're done the other way around. 

I'll go a little more in-depth than I think I might need to, since I'm a begginner I don't really know how much is enough info.


This is the source HTML of the entire template. As you can see, my Minutes Read (Minutos de Lectura) can be seen in there, and they're available on Live. I can't edit this one because it's Read Only.


These are the modules in my Template. Authors (and read time) are inside the Blog Content Module.




Whenever I try to edit my Blog Content Module (Global with a special Icon), I can only do it through the buttons on the right, Edit Post/Listing Template. When I do, I get this Random HTML that I've never used and it isn't the one being copied in the Template's HTML, since all options are in English, and my Blog is in Spanish and no line shows up in the Template Source. Listing Template shows the same.



If I try to "Edit Module Source Code", I get this: 


I don't know if I don't remember what I did before, or something changed. I remember after I looked at some tutorials, I was able to find everything within my Template. But now I can't edit the lines I've previously put. I can see them in the Template's change history, and I can revert them, but I want to add more and keep working and learning, and I have no idea why I can't do it anymore.

Sorry if this is very basic stuff. I'm learning and would appreciate your knowledge. (Also, if you like to help people's problems, thank you for your other posts! They've been very helpful in my Design journey)

Have a great day!

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Editing Blog Content on HubL/HTML. Used to be able, now I can't.

@RaimundoEstela !  Glad the educational content is useful 😀

@Anton , could you help with get @RaimundoEstela  across the finish line?



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