Edit the Row ID in a HubDB Table?

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The rows in this table are displayed in order from low to high on the web page. But, some are out of order. I'd like to change the ID to put them in order.  It it possible?

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Hi @khookguy,


Short answer:

Not directly.



As far as I know you can't edit the row ID in HubDB. 


A "workaround" could be add an extra column with ascending/decending numbers to your HubDB table and generate the sorted view based on those numbers. 


I had to sort a HubDB table once. 

My workflow was:

- add a new column in the HubDB table
- export the HubDB table as CSV/XLS
- open the export with MS Excel(OSX Numbers will work too)

- fill the "new" created column with numbers

- save the edited file

- upload/import the file to HubDB and overwrite everything what was inside it*

- edit the module which displayed the HubDB in order the displayed information were ordered by the ("numbers")column information




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Thanks.  Actually, I found there was no need to change that ID.  I added a new column "Date Added" and sorted by that in HUBL.