EVENT: Developer Community meet up during week of INBOUND

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Do you have the HubL skills to pay the bills?


The developer community this year came together to organize an event taking place during the week of Inbound 2019.  There will be presentations by other HubSpot community devs, happy hour, and even some presentations/activities from HubSpot!


If you're going to be in the Cambridge/Boston area, and you're a developer, you are invited.



Calling all HubSpot developers!



The event will take place Sept 3rd (exact times still in flux but expect late morning to evening BEFORE Club Inbound opens). 



Cambridge/Boston area (will update with details)



There will be a limited in-person capacity, RSVPs will be opening soon. Prioritization will be given to volunteers and speakers of the event. While there is limited in-person capacity, the event will be live-streamed, and hope you’ll join.


For the latest information visit:


Additionally, the developer community has a slack channel that's very active, feel free to ask questions there. https://hubspotdev.slack.com/messages/CCGU4R4ER


If you're going to attend, let us know in this thread! We want to hear from you! 


Please note this event is being organized externally and is not directly affiliated with HubSpot or the HubSpot Community. All questions should be directed to https://devday.splashthat.com/ or 


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AJ Laporte, Mark Ryba, Luke Summerfield, Dennis Edson, and I will all be there.
HubSpotters from the product teams will be there!
If you will be in the Boston/Cambridge area during Inbound YOU COULD BE THERE!

There will be content related to both HubSpot API's and HubSpot CMS development.

So excited to see you all there, we're going to have a good time. As Jenny said if you can't make it in person we plan to live stream the event too, and we hope you'll engage with us via chat.

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Would love to go, unfortunately will be out of town for Inbound. Looking forward to catching up afterward.


- Ashley

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We'll be livestreaming - so if you're interested in attending virtually - we've got your back! Smiley Happy

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Just a quick update, the RSVP for this event is now open! Feel free to visit https://devday.splashthat.com/ and sign up!


Sự kiện này sẽ diễn ra vào ngày 3 tháng 9 (thời gian chính xác vẫn còn thay đổi nhưng dự kiến ​​từ sáng đến tối tối TRƯỚC KHI Câu lạc bộ trong nước khai mạc). 

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For those who missed the developer community meet up event, a recording of the live-stream is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpArzDy5ny4

Jon McLaren

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