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Dynamically adding Landing Pages

I am able to dynamically add latest posts to a resources list page, but I also need to add a list of the latest landing pages. Is there a way to do this? 

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Dynamically adding Landing Pages

Hi @JosefinaT u want show the latest posts AND latest landing pages in one page/template. It is?


U can use this code to show lastest posts in one page/template:

{% set posts = blog_recent_posts('default', 5) %}
{% for post in posts %}
    <h3><a href="{{ post.absolute_url }}">{{ }}</a></h3>
    <img src="{{ post.featured_image }}" alt="{{ }}">
{% endfor %}

Now, about landing pages, i dont know if is possible show lastest lps in one page/template, but i believe is betther create one custom module with repeater options, to add or remove itens in page/template. 




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