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Dynamic HubDB value in email template

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We have a client with a form with a large selection of options for the platform the user wishes to download - ie .NET, Java etc. Since they can select multiple values, we have some fairly complex workflows and an individual email for each platform. These emails contain links to a thrid party CDN which hosts the downloadable file.


The issue is that these download links change when a new version of a platform is released - and we cannot redirect since old versions also need to be downloadable.


We've therefore set up a HubDB table which will hold the newest release url for each platform. We have a utility already built that automatically updates the link when a new release is...released.


In the email template we've created a choice field, so .NET, Java etc to make it easy for somebody to create an email.


The problem I see is that once that email is saved, even if the HubDB row has updated for the platform that was selected in the choice field, when somebody new submits the form and gets the email, they will - I imagine - get whatever the original saved value was (ie the url of the platform).


Am I correct? Am I even making sense!?


Does anybody have any workarounds or solutions for such an issue?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Craig, 


Thought I'd reach out with what I know, although I'm not 100% clear on your goal, so I may have more questions than answers.


Currently, you are not able to apply HubL filters/conditional logic on contact/company properties in an email (see the yellow banner atop this page.) So if you're trying to query a specific HubDB row, based on the value of a specific contact property, that will not work. The reason for this is that the HubL in the email renders before the values from the contact/company properties are added to the email. So any filter/conditional logic in the email is basically applied to empty variables.


If this doesn't answer your question, feel free to paste in the code you're using to query your HubDB table, and I'll be happy to give this another look.