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Sorry for the rant here, but I'm somewhat shocked to see that Hubspot has made no attempt to apply responsive styling for the newer drag and drop areas.


An extreme case example would be the user applying 400px top and bottom padding to a page section. A style tag gets appended to the head section of the page with !important rules. And then literally nothing in place to reduce the padding for mobile screens?? Am I missing something here? It's just left to the developer to provide responsive fallbacks for every possible scenario in which a user can enter padding, margins etc.


One practical solution would be for HTML data attributes to be applied to any divs which have added styles applied to them i.e. [data-padding-top='400'] etc. At least this way (even though a lot of work) the developer has some chance of knowing how much to reduce padding.


Can anyone else understand the problems I am seeing here? If you are a marketplace provider then there will be a lot of disatsfied customers wondering why their website looks so bad on smaller screens. Which of course will be seen as bad handiwork of the developer when in fact it's a system which provides flexibility but at the expense of poor responsiveness.




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Community Manager

Hey @Hubmate ,

Thank you for the feedback and I do agree that is valid and important feedback.  Just so you know, it is something that we are actively working on. 

If you are building a theme, you do have more control as documented here.

Again, thanks and I don't mind a good rant on occasion 😀




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